The I'm Not Perfect Gingham Top


So I was trend shopping in Brooklyn the last time I went to NYC for work (and FUN).  I was in a store that was in my old neighborhood, I never really went in there because one time I saw Keri Russell shopping there and I was like oh yeah right I can't afford anything.  So I didn't want to be sad that I couldn't buy anything.  Since this was for work I figured I would go in and check it out... 

Well I found the cutest gingham top and I was smitten.  The only problem was that it was $175.00.  I am a beer budget girl with moderately priced wine taste so that was going to be a big problem.  I couldn't even bring myself to try it on because I didn't want to want it even more than I already did.


So I left it behind because I figured I could make one and use it for my blog.  Many times I pass on buying something because I can make it and I do know how, but do I ever make it?  No.   So here I am doing just that.  

I wouldn't say that this is a "how to" blog, because I still have a few kinks to work out.  I wasn't very happy with the outcome but I figured with the right outfit it could work.  I plan on testing this out a couple more times, then maybe have a few for the website come this spring.  So keep your eyes peeled.  


I already had some black and white gingham at home from my old apartment sink.  You always gotta save that shit for a rainy day. Getting fabric, check.  

Since I didn't try this on I had to find a similar item to copy.  I patterned this off of a knit pajama I had, this is a big NO in pattern drafting NEVER use a knit garment as a base for a woven...BUT I'm a renegade and I don't play by anyones rules, but in the end the rules were right.  So there is problem one. 


Since my fabric had been washed a couple times, and especially because of the printed pattern, you want to make sure you block your fabric first.  Blocking is ironing and stretching the fabric across the bias to regain its original shape and avoid torquing.  This is something I will include more in depth in a basic pattern making blog at a later date.  


Once your fabric is blocked and ironed you are ready to cut.  


Problem two comes as soon as I cut all my pieces out from the fabric.  I don't have enough left to make my bias tape to finish the edges.  My first immediate thought....

AMAZON! Amazon will solve all my problems.


Black and white gingham bias tape would not come for almost 2 months...doh. I didn't want to post this summer friendly tank mid October.  So I ordered black and what I thought was 3/8" ended up being 7/8" enter stage right problem three.  DAMNIT!


I was going to throw in the gingham towel but I could hear an old Professor in my head saying never discard a plan evolve it into something better.  So I kept going.  I only had a couple more steps to do to finish it so I decided to just get it done. Plus a couple of my fashion friends gave me some encouragement so I thought maybe it can be salvaged. 


I added the ruffle, made a few tweaks to the straps and as my Italian friends say, "Basta!" 

Now time for the awkward photo shoot... 


As soon as I feel like it is time to pose I feel uncomfortable, especially on solo shoots.  It was kind of a chilly weekend so a late summer sweater had to make an entrance. 

Here are a few out takes...


Thanks to my good friend Rachel for being my photographer! She also just came over to borrow a cake pan...and I made her do this.