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My mission

Blending tradition and fashion into a socially conscious life style brand.

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Hi! I'm Teresa! I opened Baked + Stitched with the goal in mind to bring delightful and humorous product to my peers. B + S was conceptualized while living in Brooklyn, NY, when I was really searching for my place in fashion, I wanted to combine vintage concepts with pop culture.  My goal is to carve out a small portion of this industry and inject my philosophy and style into my product by designing with my heart. 

My Mom taught me how to sew when I was pretty little.  I learned how to make my own Barbie clothes, doll beds, and baby blankets.  I watched her sew and repair clothes for my dad, siblings, and myself.  She made homemade gifts for friends and family along with home decor for every time of year and every holiday.  On top of that she baked the most delicious foods and treats. It also helped that my Dad is obsessed with pies, each one being the best pie he has every eaten.  Along with my Grandmothers, my Mom shaped my career path even before I had any idea what I wanted in life.  Making these women (and my Dad) proud has been my greatest achievement.  I wanted to make a career using the things my Mom, Grandmothers, and many women before them, used to sustain their families.  I wanted to combine tradition with fashion. 

So in my early twenties, I decided to pursue my dream in fashion.  I applied and was accepted to one school; The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, NY.  However due to over enrollment I was offered a spot in the first year study aboard program in Florence, Italy.  I moved back to NYC my second year, but wasn't ready to make it my home.  I applied to study my third year aboard as well and studied in Milan.  This is where I truly discovered my passion for sweaters, knit construction, and design.  I was inspired.  I graduated in May of 2010, was offered a job at the company I interned for and worked in NYC as a Sweater Designer for the next 5 years.

I moved back to Minneapolis in 2015 and am currently working in the fashion industry.  I'm feeling now, more than ever, a need to change my role in fashion to help impact and reshape it. We are becoming a nation of instant gratification using more, buying more and producing more waste than ever.  It has become increasingly important to me to grow my brand and bring it back to my roots- where necessity and tradition meets art.  I have always felt driven to support and teach the crafts that were an everyday foundation for "women's work," the arts that fed and clothed families.  My mission is to keep these arts relevant and unique to the changing culture we live in.

But also...Why should your Grandma have all the fun?  



I bet you’re going to put something off color on that!
— My Mom

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